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Chromium Steel Casting


In the casting process, the steel is melted and poured into a special container and brought into the desired shape. Chromium steel casting is used in the mass production of materials in mixed components. Thanks to these sensitive processes, high precision materials are produced. Steel castings are similar in function to cast irons. The biggest difference is that chrome steels are stronger. It is resistant to all kinds of abrasion.

Chromium Steel Casting combines better with good performance and wear resistant materials. It is much higher than the wear resistance of alloy steel, and much higher than the ordinary toughness and strength of white cast iron. When it is produced in accordance with the procedures, its cost is not very high. It also has corrosion resistance and is the most preferred material in the modern world.

Today, it is mostly preferred in the defense industry. Thanks to chromium, steel is harder and more durable. There are no problems such as oxidation and wear. It has different alloys. Therefore, it is wider in the sectors used. Chrome steel casting is seen in many places from aircraft construction to lighting systems.


Chromium Steel Casting Features

Chromium Steel Casting is mainly determined by the influence of individual elements. It is strengthened by a clear influence of the elements, on the contrary, the final effect is exerted by the leading element. Chrome steel has high dynamic toughness. The fluidity of steels containing 8–25% Cr and 5–18% Ni increases significantly as chromium decreases and nickel increases simultaneously. Carbon has a greater effect on fluidity than nickel.
When pouring metal into molds, the silicon content is usually limited due to deformability of the metal and increased brittleness. The addition of manganese has a beneficial effect on the fluidity of chromium and chromium-nickel steel. Manufacturing makes it easy to choose the shape and size of the casting, especially complex shapes and hollow parts. Steel castings can be produced by a unique core casting process. It is easy to shape and deform, and the finished product can be quickly produced according to the drawings.

Chromium Steel Casting Product

Until recently, the use of 12% chromium alloy steels in steam and gas turbine construction for critical parts of turbines and boilers was not very common. In local practice, attempts have been made to use Chromium Steel Casting for the fabrication of steam turbines (internal cylinders). Pipelines made of 12% chromium steel are most advantageously connected to fittings made of similar steel. In this case, the problems and trust problems in the past were resolved in a short time.

If chromium is sufficient in the mixture, a kind of oxidation occurs on the surface. This causes the formation of a chromium oxide layer. This layer is very thin. Therefore, it is not possible to see with the naked eye. Thanks to the accumulation on the surface, water and air cannot reach the material. In this way, products with high chromium mixture do not wear out easily. Therefore, it is used in the production of high efficiency motors. One of the biggest reasons for this is that Chromium Steel Casting is resistant to even the highest temperature.



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